Blank Screen on Windows 7 VMware View Desktop Using PCoIP

Updated 11/5/2010:

You may want to check out this KB from VMware in reference to this issue.

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I was recently setting up a Windows 7 image for our VMware View environment and the overall process was very quick and simple compared to other OSes due to the simple, fast installation of Windows 7. However, when I first attempted to connect to a View desktop using PCoIP, I was presented with a blank or black screen that in a minute just closed seemingly refusing the connection. The console of the virtual desktop appeared to logon with the specified user but the remote session was not working. Quickly, I remembered setting up Windows 7 in another View environment and recalled the need to change the video driver. Here is a quick “how to” that will get you up and running with Windows 7 in VMware View using PC-over-IP. NOTE: Windows 7 is still “experimental” in VMware View.

Right-click Computer then click Manage.

In Device Manager, expand Display adapters, right-click VMware SVGA 3D, click Update Driver Software…

Click Browse my computer for driver software

Click Let me pick from a list…

Click Have Disk…

Browse to C:\Program Files\Common Files\VMware\Drivers\video and click OK.

Choose VMware SVGA II and click Next.

The driver is installing…

Done. Click Close and restart Windows.

Finally, it is a good idea to increase the amount of video memory by editing the virtual machine settings. 40 MB seems to be a recommended amount floating around the blogosphere.

10 thoughts on “Blank Screen on Windows 7 VMware View Desktop Using PCoIP

  1. Thanks a lot for your walkaround. It helped me a lot while they still fix the PCoIP multi monitor with Windows 7. It now works with this.

  2. Awesome, thankfully i found this before pulling my hair out. Do you happen to have an issue with the resolution being 1024×768 until you resize the window?

    • Mine works flawlessly at any resolution. I tend to run at fullscreen but run in windowed mode just fine in various resolutions. Did you check the video memory?

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  4. Thanks for your posting! Must not easy to figure this out…

    It’s kind of dispointing that VMWare does not mention this kind of issue many users are facing.


  5. Really saved me lots of trouble , thanks mate.

    Is there any chance to make view to assign this VGA for every single machines it creates? Now I have to do it manually 🙁

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