New title and role and more blogging

Many are aware at this point that I transitioned to a new role at EMC in the last few months. This month I round out the end of my third year at EMC. It has been a blast as I have had the awesome opportunity to work beside the best sales and engineering force on the planet. Everyone is always willing to lend a hand, share their experiences, and teach new things not to mention the education that EMC provides is way beyond what I had at any other job.

So, the new gig. It was time for a change. I made the decision to explore options within EMC to grow my career, peer network, and expertise. Among the options was the chance to start a new role as an Advanced Software Division Specialist for our MidMarket Division. The new buzzword these days is Software-Defined ‘Everything’ (data center, storage, networking). The Advanced Software Division is defining Software Defined Storage at EMC. My thinking was, hey, the industry is changing rapidly and moving to this whole Software Defined strategy so what better place for me to be than right at the front of it helping to pave the way at EMC…?? Bam, done.

Software consulting is not new to me but I have spent the last few years advising customers on primarily hardware storage platforms.  But wait, nowadays storage is just a bunch of software intellectual property executing on commodity x86 hardware platforms, right?  “What is ASD at EMC?” everyone asks.  The Advanced Software Division is comprised of everything SDDC at EMC including the new and exciting ViPR Software Defined Storage and the Storage Resource Management Suite for cloud monitoring and reporting, plus UIM, SAS, and more.  Uh, you didn’t think I was going to miss this opportunity to shamelessly plug my new tech, did you?

Finally, as a technical expert in this area, you should expect to see way more blogging and sharing of these technologies and related SDDC tech like Puppet Labs (go Portland!), OpenStack, Amazon AWS, and maybe a post or two about my somewhat-new 11 month old son or geek personal tech!  Looking forward to hearing from you for things you want to read or learn about now that I am “Keen on SDDC.”  First question – corny title?  Now go follow me on twitter dangit!  The first three new followers who mention this post get a starbucks gift card and you better be a human and not some annoying spammer!

Happy Holidays!  See you next year.