ViPR and ViPR SRM Resources and Getting Started

…Updated 9/30/2014 with new links…

The below list will continue to grow as I find specific resources that are valuable to those looking to learn about, deploy, and leverage EMC ViPR and ViPR SRM.

An overall excellent public community devoted to ViPR Software-Defined-Storage, ViPR SRM, and ECS:

ViPR Product Documentation Index. This contains concepts, install and configure guides, download links, and important information like the support matrix.

ViPR quick install: I created this youtube video to show installing and configuring ViPR to running self service provisioning in under 15 minutes. It is still rough with no voice over but a great way to see the basic steps and speed of deployment.

ViPR SRM Product Documentation Index.  Well organized index of concepts, install and configure guides, and a listing of all SolutionPacks that are available and their install and their usage.  SolutionPacks plug-in to ViPR SRM to provide reporting for storage (EMC and 3rd party), SAN fabrics, virtualization, SQL, Oracle, and more.

ViPR SRM Quick Start steps:

  1. Deploy OVF template.  A small eval environment can use the single VM OVF.
  2. Login to http://<IP/hostname>:58080/APG
  3. Go to Administration -> Centralized Management
  4. Click Ok to save the default server configuration
  5. Use the SolutionPack Center to configure reporting for each component (ie: VNX, VMAX, vCenter)
  6. Enjoy the visibility into your environment
  7. Check out the topology views by clicking explore in the left pane and selecting a host or vm.
  8. See the ViPR SRM Product Documentation Index for more details.

Download ViPR Free!

The links below require an EMC Support login:

ViPR support and Download full ViPR paid version (requires a license key)

Download ViPR SRM (includes a 30-day trial).  Follow the link and download “ViPR SRM 3.5SP1 vApp Deployment”  See above for quick start steps.