15 minutes to Storage as a Service

In most organizations, IT is quickly coming to realize that they must become an efficient service provider that is easy and fast to transact with or their workloads will rapidly move to a public cloud provider.  Now before you start throwing stones, I am part of the crowd that strongly believes there are things that should and will not ever move to a public cloud service.  Key intellectual property is a good example.  That is another post….

So you want to build out a service catalog?  Where do you start?  How about a full-blown, heterogenous storage service catalog in 15 minutes that automates storage management?  That sounds like an excellent start!  Watch the video below as I install ViPR Controller as a vSphere vApp, configure ViPR, discover physical assets, create virtual assets, and finally order storage from the service catalog – in 15 minutes. Then visit a recent post where I will be regularly updating links to valuable resources for ViPR and ViPR SRM. I intentionally did not edit this video so you can see that even with the wait time involved with deploying the OVF, booting ViPR, waiting for services, and so on, you can accomplish this all easily and quickly.  An edited version with voice-over is coming soon.

I used virtual Isilon nodes which you can download here or by going to support.emc.com, navigating to support by product, search for Isilon OneFS, select Tools, and grab the virtual nodes.  I will post a walkthrough of how to deploy them and configure OneFS to use ViPR so you can play with both in a lab.  Note, this is for lab testing only.  Get ViPR for free with no time-bomb at emc.com/getvipr.